Welcome to 2 Dogs Treats!

It started with a search. Wanting to give our two dogs the best after finding the local pet stores had recalled all their favorite treats, we founded 2 Dogs Treats to provide them with healthy treats using locally sourced ingredients. Now we are happy to bring these treats to your dogs as well!

We want you to feel great about 2 Dogs Treats for your dogs, so we make all of our treats the right way, using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives...just the way you would. We are passionate about providing your family with the best and healthiest dog treats possible and we promise your dogs will love our made-to-order treats as much as you will love knowing that you are "treating" them right.


2 Dogs Treats is a 100% USA-made product and is proud to be located in Port Norfolk, MA. What was originally scenic open grassland quickly grew to become one of Boston's oldest neighborhoods. Popular to shipbuilders and other skilled craftsmen, the area attracted hundreds of businesses and artisans that celebrated the art of handcrafted goods. Today, that tradition of quality and creativity continues in many businesses like the Boston Winery, Russo Marine, and of course, our very own, 2 Dogs Treats. Port Norfolk is also home to large areas of conservation land, that includes a public beach that houses the Port Norfolk Yacht Club, the Boston Harbor Walk, Pope John Paul II Park, and the Neponset Greenway Trail.

2 Dogs Treats is a proud supporter of these local public amenities and is very fortunate to call the Port Norfolk area our home. We are committed to supporting local communities and animal welfare through donating a portion of our sales to accredited animal charities. Finally, we are open to all of your feedback and invite you to send us your comments and suggestions on how to make 2 Dogs Treats even better for your dogs, your families, and your communities.

The 2 Dogs Treats Team

Christian - Co-Founder 2dogstreats.com

Christian, Co-Founder

Christian has a background in sales and marketing for startup businesses, as well as development for non-profit organizations. At his former role as Sales Director for SCVNGR and LevelUp, Boston-based technology firms, Christian helped develop strategies for hundreds of local businesses for their technology, marketing, and e-commerce initiatives and has brought several products successfully to market. Christian is an alumnus of Brandeis University and grew up in the Boston area. He has been known to be over indulgent when it comes to pet treat dispensing.

Mike - Co-Founder 2 dogs treats

Mike, Co-Founder

Mike has a background of over 10 years of retail operations and management experience. Mike has helmed the expansion of several brands into new markets, including Abercrombie and Fitch’s introduction into the UK. He brings tremendous experience in process building and organizational growth to 2 Dogs Treats. Mike is an alumnus of Marquette University and is originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin. Despite being displaced from Wisconsin, Mike remains an avid Packers fan and has been known to make Christian, Riley and J-Lo wear Packers' jerseys on game day.

Riley - Chief Taste Tester 2 dogs treats

Riley, Chief Taste-Tester

Riley is a 6-year old Puggle, a Pug and Beagle mix, who is the chief taste-tester at 2 Dog Treats. His superior smelling abilities and discerning taste have shaped the product line for the company. His favorite pastimes include sleeping, begging for treats, and tearing the squeakers out of his new toys. When not trolling for something to eat, Riley can be found teaching social media seminars for K9 Americans. Follow him at @PuggleRileykins on Twitter.

Jennifer Lopez - VP of Treat Development, 2dogs treats

Jennifer Lopez, VP of Treat Development

Jennifer Lopez is a 1-year old Chihuahua who heads up our Treat Development team here at 2 Dogs Treats. JLo, as his fans lovingly refer to him, is partial to smaller chewier treats and has influenced the introduction of our Just Sweet Potato line. His favorite hobbies include chasing the cats, pulling the stuffing out of his toys, and chewing on everything. JLo is the unofficial sixth member of One Direction, though he is often uncredited for his contributions to the band's success.


We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email us by clicking here or call us at 617.286.4844.