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We know your going to love giving your pup 2 Dogs Treats and we're sure pup is going to love them too. In fact, if for any reason you dog doesn't, we will be happy to refund your purchase.

Our treats

With 5 great varieties, we are sure you are going to find something your pup will love. And because they are single-ingredient, grain-free and gluten-free even dogs with food sensitivities can enjoy them.

Just Chicken

Our #1 Fan Favorite. Cage-free, USDA chicken breast is the only ingredient and as with all of our treats, there are no preservatives, hormones or steroids. Comes in 3 sizes.

Just Beef

Made with 100% USDA Choice beef, “Just Beef” treats are great alternatives to poultry and are made with lean protein and have a savory taste that drives dogs wild.

Just Fish Skins

Local, dayboat-caught Atlantic Pollock skins. Light, crispy, flakey and irresistible - your dog will go nuts for them!

Just organic sweet potato

Dubbed as one of the world's healthiest foods, the sweet potato is an excellent choice to treat your dog with. Rich in vitamins and minerals like Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Potassium. They are also a great source of fiber and antioxidants. Comes in 2 sizes.

Just Turkey

“Just Turkey” is a tasty treat alternative for dogs with chicken allergies and has a darker, richer profile than our original “Just Chicken” treats.


Can't decide? Why not try one of our combinations - with all the great varieties, you can't go wrong.

How we make them

single ingredient

All of our treats have only one ingredient in them, so they never have any fillers, preservatives or steroids in them and are grain- and gluten-free

Human Grade

2 Dogs Treats are made from things like USDA cage-free chicken breasts, certified organic sweet potatoes, USDA-choice beef and dayboat caught Atlantic Pollock.

USA Sourced & Made

All of our treats are made by hand right in our own commercial kitchen in Massachusetts, not in some huge factory, so you can be sure they are safe.

Happy Customers

My sister's dog has a very sensitive stomach, so we have to be careful with any treats that we give him. We are always very hesitant to try new things with him, but you will not be sorry if you try these! He loves these treats more than anything else we have ever tried, and he has no problems with them at all! The one ingredient really helps you to know that it won't upset their stomachs! These are great!

Katelyn, South Carolina

These treat are yummy! At least that's what our dog, Cindi, is probably saying as she crunches down on the fish skins. What a sweet personal touch from the company that Cindi's name was written on the front of the bag! I think this is going to our holiday gift to all our friends with dogs!!!

Madeleine, New York

Jasper sees the brown bag and runs from where ever he is to sit in front of me patiently to wait for his treat! It's amazing how much he enjoys this simply treat!

JoAnne, Massachusetts

We love the simple yet sleek packaging. We swear the dogs AND cats know what is in the box when it arrives. The pet facts are a nice addition! The treats are always fresh and we LOVE the personalized bags. Since the treats are pure beef, we know they are feline friendly as well. We always break one into small pieces for them! Seiji and Raven LOVE the treats and it gives the entire family something to look forward to each month.

Holly, Ohio

We discovered 2 dogs treats at SOWA and Todd has been in love ever since. The treats are excellent quality, my pup loves them, and the customer service and reliability of the company is great. We will be long time customers :)

Summer, Massachusetts

FABULOUS!! This is the ONLY beef jerky (or anything remotely claiming to be 'beef flavored') that our Pug has / will eat in his nearly 10 years! Since he will merrily eat Steak, I KNOW that the grade of beef used to make this Jerky is 100% top-notch!! Can easily be broken into smaller pieces, so actually it is a GREAT VALUE!! 100% PERFECT!!! I'm a Customer For Life!!

Moe, Massachusetts

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